Tony Mantana has the streets on lock. The new dope album “Balls And My Word” will be delivered to music fiends on January 1st. As the Trap King Pin, Tony Mantana has the most anticipated street album of the year, clubs, djs and fans can’t wait. Tony Mantana invited fans and djs to his album release party and the feedback was this album is a street classic. People could feel the real in the music. The song “Balls And My Word” is a street anthem: “All I got in this world is my balls and my word, all I have on these blocks is these chickens and these birds…”. The album continues with hit after hit from “Medusa” to the party hit “Pop It” and the radio smash “Ride Or Die Shorty”, what fans love about this project, there’s something on there for everybody. Tony Mantana has taken over the streets and the dope music “Balls And My Word” will hit the streets on the first of the year.